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financial freedom for women

What is the Meaning of Financial Freedom for Women

Women play a variety of roles in their lives, What is the Meaning of Financial Freedom for Women?: devoted daughters, adoring sisters, loving wives, and nurturing mothers. Many women are also stepping out of stereotypical roles to make a career and shoulder family responsibilities. They have made their mark in every field, whether it is sports, law, medicine, business, politics, or anything else


Post Office Scheme: Get Rs 3300 Pension by Depositing just Rs 50,000, know details

Post Office Scheme is the best option to get handsome returns and secure financial freedom after retirement. When choosing any investment, the main factors to think about are risk and reward. When looking for secure investments with good returns, saving plans offered by Post Office are one of the better options.

financial planning

Financial Planning: Definition, Importance, And Benefits

Financial Planning is the most important aspect of our daily life. Before starting any trip, most of us decide our destination and plan our route very carefully. Sure, there may be detours, but we stick to the general route to get to the destination. Investing is no different. You need financial planning before you start your investment journey to fulfill your dreams or goals. Sure there will be bumps and detours (market volatility) in your investment journey as well. But if you follow your financial plan, you will be better placed to manage all challenges.


LIC Saral Pension Yojana: Get monthly pension of Rs 12,000 for lifetime by investing in this scheme; check eligibility here

Are you looking for the best pension plan for yourself that can help you become tension-free post-retirement? Well, then you must know about LIC Saral Pension Yojana. In general, an individual starts receiving a pension when they retire, usually after the age of 60. However, under the Saral Pension Yojana by the Life Insurance Corporation of India, you can start getting a pension even at the age of 40.